July 8, 2022


Indonesia hopes to export chicken to Singapore from mid-July


Dr Nasrullah, Indonesia Agriculture Ministry's director-general for animal husbandry and health, said Indonesian chicken exporters are making arrangements for deliveries to Singapore estimated in mid-July, The Straits Times reported.


The three approved Indonesian companies that can export chicken to Singapore are owned by Charoen Pokphand Indonesia (CPI) and Ciomas Adisatwa, a subsidiary of publicly listed Japfa Comfeed Indonesia.


A CPI source said they will ship 50,000 kg of frozen chicken from Jakarta by sea on July 12, with more to be delivered by the end of the month.


Indonesia has not exported chicken to Singapore, but does export 50,000 eggs monthly.


Indonesia supplies day-old chicks to Vietnam and Myanmar, and exports frozen and processed chicken to Japan, Timor-Leste, and several other countries.


There is a chicken oversupply in Indonesia in the past few years, with production 15% higher than local demand. Surpluses reached 48% in 2020 and 36% in 2021.


Dr Nasrullah, who only goes by one name, predicted that this year, Indonesia will produce 3.88 million tonnes of chicken meat in excess of domestic demand, and that this surplus will be used as a resource to promote its products abroad.


Rachmat Indrajaya, director of corporate affairs at Japfa, said they are optimistic about meeting Singapore's demand and standard as Japfa always pays attention to quality, starting with poultry breeding to product processing. Their products are also certified internationally.


The company did not state when it will start exporting chickens to Singapore.


After Malaysia banned exports on June 1, Singapore is attempting to diversify its sources of chicken supply to stabilise domestic production and prices.


Data from the Singapore Food Agency showed the country imported 34% of 73,000 of chickens from Malaysia. Singapore also imports chicken from Australia, Brazil, and Thailand.


Another 12 Indonesian businesses, according to Dr Nasrullah, have applied for SFA assessments and anticipate being able to begin exporting soon.


-      The Straits Times

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