July 8, 2022


Ukraine's 2022 grain and oilseed harvest forecast revised upwards


UGA, Ukraine's grain traders union, revised its forecast for the country's grain and oilseed harvest to 69.4 million tonnes, higher than the previous 66.5 million tonnes but still lower than the 2021 level of 106 million tonnes, Reuters reported.


Ukraine could produce 20.8 million tonnes of wheat and 27.3 million tonnes of corn this year, according to a statement from the UGA. In the upcoming season of 2022–23, which begins in July, Ukraine can export 10 million tonnes of wheat and 10 million tonnes of corn.


The 2022 grain harvest was not specifically mentioned by UGA, but first deputy of the Ukrainian agriculture ministry Taras Vysotskiy said that the harvest could be at least 50 million tonnes.


2021 saw 86 million tonnes of grain harvested in Ukraine, including 32.2 million tonnes of wheat and 42.1 million tonnes of corn.


The UGA said farmers could harvest 1.65 million tonnes of rapeseed and 9 million tonnes of sunflower seeds this year. Traders said, Ukraine harvested 2.9 million tonnes of rapeseed and 16.9 million tonnes of sunseed last year.


The union said the situation with its Ukrainian Black Sea ports being closed as a result of the Russian invasion would determine agricultural exports.


The union also said the export volume could range from 25 to 31.5 million tonnes.


-      Reuters

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