July 8, 2010
AgriMarine opens new office in Beijing
AgriMarine Holdings Inc, a Canadian technology company with proprietary closed containment systems for sustainable aquaculture, announces that it has opened an office in Beijing, China in order to provide local support to distributors and expand sales of fish products.
The company also announces the establishment of a Foreign Invested Commercial Enterprise (FICE) entity under the name 'AgriMarine Aquaculture Technologies (Beijing) Co Ltd.' This new entity will function as an investment arm of AgriMarine Holdings, for the purposes of identifying sites and investing in salmon farming operations throughout the cold water region of Northern China.
"Opening an office in Beijing was a logical step for AgriMarine, in order to establish a strong presence in one of China's largest markets. We are continually building closer relationships with key fish distributors and we are responding to customer demands to provide local in-market support as we build our brand of locally-raised and sustainably-produced, closed containment fresh salmon," said Richard Buchanan, president and CEO of AgriMarine.
The company's principal commercial fish rearing facility on the Guanmenshan Power Reservoir in the Benxi Region of Liaoning Province, China, is centrally located. One of AgriMarine's competitive advantages is its ability to deliver freshly harvested fish 'next day' to major Chinese markets, therefore offering the very freshest products. Presently, imported fresh fish takes up to four days to arrive to Chinese markets after being flown in from Europe or South America.

AgriMarine is in the business of producing fish sustainably in its proprietary closed containment systems. The company has developed proprietary technology for the rearing of trout, salmon and other finfish such as tuna in floating solid-wall closed containment systems that allows for control of the rearing water environment. AgriMarine's technology resolves many of the environmental issues created by present net cage rearing practices worldwide and permits the installation of fish production systems in close proximity to consumer markets.

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