July 7, 2014


Brazil's chicken exports rise by 0.7% during Jan-Jun 2014



Brazil's chicken export volumes continue to rise gradually over-year during the first six months of 2014, according to the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA).


Data show that the country's exports of chicken meat, including whole chicken, cut, processed and salted, between January and June 2014, were up 0.7% over the same period last year, totalling 1.902 million tonnes. Revenue fell by 9.2% to US$3.718 billion.


For the month of June, chicken meat exports were down 3.1% to 296,400 tonnes. Revenue also fell - by 2.2% - to US$617.6 million.


According to ABPA's vice president of poultry, Ricardo Santin, one of the factors that influenced the fall in June was the end of the quota year for the EU, which restricted shipments to the region.


Santin also stressed that revenue from chicken exports is recovering. The largest percentage fall in the revenue occurred in May while international prices are rising once more.


For fresh pork, data from ABPA shows exports between January and June this year fell by 1% over the previous year, amounting to 200,700 tonnes. Revenue was up by 12.6% to US$635.9 million.


For June, both volume and value increased by 13.5% at 38,900 tonnes and 77.9% at US$157 million respectively.


ABPA's vice president for pigs, Rui Vargas, explained that revenue growth has climbed month after month in 2014, jumping from US$80.9 million in January to US$157 million in June. He sees this as positive for the sector's exports this year, which have so far increased in value despite smaller volume.


The chief executive of ABPA, Francisco Turra, said that exports of both chicken meat and pork increased in dollar terms. Converted into Reais, there is a positive balance for both the month of June and the first six months of the year, which helps maintain producer incomes.

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