July 7, 2009
CaroTech to participate in Montreal symposium in mid-July
Press Release

Committed to participating at the forefront with research and development into technical sustainable feed additive solutions, Carotenoid Technologies of the IQF Group will actively participate at the 2009 American Societies of Animal Science, American Dairy Science Association, and the Canadian Science Association (ASAS/ADSA/CSA) in Montreal, Canada from July 12-17.


In vitro and in vivo results will be presented from a five-year company-sponsored Ph.D. project at the University of Leeds in the UK on ''Plant Extracts as Rumen Modifiers'' in collaboration with several universities and experimental farms in the EU.


Selecting a few of its most important findings, the research confirms the benefits of garlic on reducing methane production in ruminant. Novel findings will also show that the result has an interaction with the type of diet used. This is particularly useful considering that diets differ around the world in the forage and concentrate contents. 


In the second highlighted presentation by Dr. Chris Kamel, Technical Director, the production results from feeding an encapsulated combination of garlic and cinnamaldehyde to dairy cows in early versus late lactation will be compared. 


CaroTech plans to shed some light on these subjects and provide a preview of the work which has been submitted for publication in refereed journals.

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