July 7, 2006


USDA to study usage trends of distillers grains



The USDA is planning a survey of livestock producers that would gauge the sentiments of the farm industry towards distillers grains.


USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) would partner the Nebraska Corn Development's Utilisation & Marketing Board to conduct a survey involving 9,400 producers. 


The survey would establish a baseline measure of the current usage of distillers grains and identify any barriers hindering livestock producers from utilising distillers grains and other ethanol byproducts in their rations, USDA said.


As ethanol plants have continue sprouting up in the corn-producing states such as Iowa and Illinois, use of distiller grains as livestock feed is expected to become more common.


Information from the survey would benefit livestock producers, feed manufacturers, corn producers and ethanol producers, the USDA said.


It would determine whether and how the livestock producers utilise distillers grains, identify usage patterns and preferences and lead to more efficient marketing and orderly growth, USDA said.

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