July 7, 2004



Hong Kong Suspends Import Of Live Birds, Poultry Meat From China's Anhui Province

The Hong Kong government has agreed with the relevant Chinese mainland authorities to temporarily suspend the importation of live birds and poultry meat from the Anhui province with immediate effect. A spokesman for Hong Kong's Health, Welfare and Food Bureau said this Tuesday night.


The decision was made following Chinese mainland's confirmation of a case of H5N1 avian influenza outbreak in the province.


"In view of the isolated incident in Anhui Province, the importation of live chickens and poultry meat from other provinces will not be affected, including registered farms in Guangdong. We will closely monitor the situation in the following weeks," the spokesman said.


There has been no import of poultry meat from Anhui Province since the resumption of importation from the Chinese mainland in March this year.