July 6, 2022


More wheat and corn planted in Canada this year compared to 2021


Farmers in Canada have planted more acres of wheat, corn, lentils and oats this year compared to 2021 levels, while planting less canola, barley, soybeans and dry peas, according to a Statistics Canada survey released on July 5.


The survey, conducted between May 13 and June 12, found that the seeding decisions were influenced by ongoing issues such as soil moisture conditions in parts of Western Canada, rising input costs and high crop prices resulting from low national and global supply, as well as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.


Grain traders surveyed by Reuters estimated, on average, plantings of canola at 21.3 million acres; all-wheat at 24.7 million acres; durum at 6.1 million acres, oats at 3.9 million acres; barley at 7.7 million acres; flax at 0.9 million acres and peas at 3.5 million acres.


- Reuters

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