July 6, 2017


Adisseo invests USD1.25 million to build new in vitro lab




Adisseo has invested 1.1 million euros (USD1.25 million) to build a new laboratory at their France headquarters, fully dedicated to in vitro research with a focus on specific biological functions or tissues.


Adisseo says the new laboratory marks a company milestone to strengthen its customer centricity and competitiveness.


In addition, the new laboratory will serve an essential role in Adisseo's product development, helping researchers to develop "differentiating arguments and scientific stories." More importantly, it will enable the company to make quick "Go/No Go" decisions on innovation projects.


Equipped with four laboratories - fermentation, cell culture, microbiology and biochemistry - the new 350-square-metre facility has already engaged three experts who will host research in modelling the animal intestinal fermentation process, mimicking the inner gut layer with cell cultures, and understanding the mechanisms of feed additives at a genetic level, among other things.