Previous product comparisons have found that Vilofoss' FreshFoss feed additive, which is used in cattle feed, is the "strongest product on the market," the company noted.

A recent trial was conducted to investigate the strength of both FreshFoss and potassium sorbate in helping to reduce heat generation.

Vilofoss performed three tests on three different days, where both potassium sorbate and FreshFoss were tested at comparable dosages. The complete feed, used in the tests, is collected from the same farmer immediately after feeding.

The complete feed is added to either potassium sorbate or FreshFoss and stirred thoroughly in a bucket, after which the temperature development is logged every half hour for each treatment.

It is observed in Test 1 that the two treatments with 0.4kg FreshFoss/h total mixed ration (TMR) keep heat generation down for a longer period than two treatments with 0.4kg of potassium sorbate/h TMR. This shows that FreshFoss is more effective at inhibiting yeast and fungal growth.

In this test, 0.4kg of potassium sorbate/h TMR was roughly at the same efficiency as 0.4kg of FreshFoss/h TMR in terms of reducing heat generation. It is seen that complete feed added 0.3kg, 0.4kg or 0.5kg of FreshFoss per tonnes of complete feed had a better stability than 0.4kg of potassium sorbate/h of complete feed. This test indicates a better efficiency of FreshFoss compared to potassium sorbate in controlling the aerobic stability.

Another way to represent aerobic stability is to measure the time to a given temperature rise in the complete feed, for example, five degrees Celsius, Vilofoss said. The higher the number of hours - the more efficient the product, it added.
On average, the aerobic stability of FreshFoss was 6% better than potassium sorbate.

Vilofoss stated that the difference in the efficiency of the products in relation to the reduction of heat generation in complete feed can be demonstrated by a simple comparison of temperature development measured with temperature logs.

Indeed, the comparison affirmed that FreshFoss is more effective at reducing heat generation in complete feed than pure potassium sorbate.

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