July 5, 2022


Gombe State, Nigeria governor expresses commitment to self-sufficiency via livestock production



Gombe State, Nigeria, will ensure self-sufficiency and sustainable food security through agriculture and livestock production that will contribute to improving the socio-economic status of the Nigerian citizenry, especially for rural dwellers that are predominantly farmers.


Gombe State Governor Alhaji Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya has restated his administration's commitment in this regard during the start of a mass vaccination campaign against trans-boundary animal diseases for the North-East Zone at Dadinkowa, Gombe State. 


The targeted diseases include contagious bovine pleuropneumonia, (CBPPV), foot and mouth disease (FMDV), Pest Des Petits Ruminants (PPRV) and Newcastle disease (ND) among others.


Yahaya noted that the diseases have high mortality rate and are easily contagious with the potential to spread rapidly, thereby causing socio-economic and public health consequences in Nigerian states and the nation in general.


He explained that his administration's efforts are geared towards the eradication of these diseases through massive annual vaccination campaign to contain the livestock diseases and achieve herd immunity for prevention and possible eradication. The governor also noted that the start of the vaccination campaign demonstrates the Nigerian government's commitment to boost animals' health and production as well as preventing setbacks in livestock management through the control of trans-boundary animal diseases.


"To reduce the impact of… diseases on our peasant pastoralist, this administration, despite scarcity of funds, has procured enough vaccines and other veterinary equipment for the vaccination exercise," Yahaya said.


In order to achieve improvement in livestock production, Gombe State has keyed into the National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP) as well as Livestock Productivity and Resilience Support (L-PRES) project of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development which are aimed at improving livestock production and curbing farmers/herders clashes, he said.


Yahaya expressed hope that the vaccination exercise will galvanise  livestock farmers to rededicate themselves to the development of the livestock sub-sector, thereby improving livestock production in Gombe State, the North East Zone and nationwide.


He said his administration would continue to align its agricultural policies and programmes with those of the federal government's agenda on transforming the agricultural sector.


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