July 5, 2013


Ukraine's grain harvest may reach 55.5-58 million tonnes in 2013


Depending on the state of corn, Ukraine's grain harvest in 2013 may amount to 55.5-58 million tonnes, according to Director General of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAC) Serhiy Stoyanov.


According to the UAC, due to the increased grain supply there observed a decrease in the world and domestic grain prices, which could entail losses at many agricultural enterprises and grain traders.


UAC said that at present food wheat is purchased at a price of US$220-230/tonne at Ukrainian ports, fodder wheat - at US$205-210/tonne. The price of barley is US$220-225/tonne, that of corn - US$180/tonne.


Stoyanov suggests that farmers having the corn yield not less than seven to eight tonnes/hectare could reach a profitability of 25-30%, which will account for one-fifth of all the producers. The rest of producers will have losses on corn.


The share of food wheat, the profitability of which is 15-20%, will be small in the structure of the new harvest, said the expert.