July 5, 2011


Novozymes defeats Danisco on enzyme patent case



Novozymes had won a ruling in a Dutch court against DuPont Co. unit Danisco in a patent infringement case over the use of a salt-coated enzyme granule for steam-pelleting of enzymes for animal feed.


The litigation involves a patent granted to Novozymes in November 2009. The company already won a similar case against Danisco in Denmark on March 4.


Novozymes says it is now entitled to an immediate injunction against Danisco in the Netherlands in relation to the infringement there.


"Novozymes is aggressively protecting its patents across the world and also in the Netherlands. Although the Netherlands isn't one of the most important markets for this product, we are happy with the outcome. This decision sets an important precedent," said Mikkel Viltoft, general counsel for Novozymes.