July 5, 2010
Iraq to build up more wheat stocks
Iraq has bought enough wheat to cover its needs for 2010 but plans to build up national wheat reserves, head of Iraq's state-run Grain Board said Monday (July 5).
A new wheat tender was issued by the board last week to buy at least 100,000 tonnes. "We are buying the wheat to build up our stocks," Hassan Ismael Ibrahim said.
The expected wheat harvest for 2010 is to reach 1.7 million tonnes, compared with 1.2 million tonnes from the previous year. "So far we have purchased some 1.4 million tonnes of wheat from local farmers and we are expected to buy more," Ibrahim said.

Ibrahim said they had imported enough wheat for 2010 needs. There was no specific amount mentioned but he said that Iraq had imported much more than the 1.43 million tonnes of wheat for this year as was also mentioned in news reports.