July 5, 2004



Poultry Industry Plays Important Role In Iran

Bohlul Naseri, head of the Egg Producers' Association, said Sunday that 235,000 tons of Iran's necessary animal protein are provided by poultry industry products.


Naseri revealed that Iran's poultry industry has a yearly production of 1 billion chicks, 1.2 million tons of chicken and 0.8 million tons of eggs, adding that the industry has created 450,000 direct and indirect job opportunities in the country.


He said the fixed capitals are over 20,000 billion rials and 14,000 billion rials.


Naseri added that the anomalous increase and consumption of poultry husbandries, traditional production, lack of access to essential vaccines, poor management and lack of consolidated institutions are some of the problems hindering the development of the poultry industry.