July 4, 2022


Animals denied entry to cattle markets in Islamabad, Pakistan over lumpy skin disease concerns


The municipal administration in Islamabad, Pakistan, has denied entry to eight animals in cattle markets due to suspicion of the lumpy skin disease infections, said Shakil Arshad, director of the Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA), Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI).


DMA-MCI is supervising three cattle markets set up in I-15, Sangjani and Sultana Foundation.


"(There) is no confirmed case of lumpy skin in Islamabad. We refused entry to the eight animals as a precautionary measure just because of their poor health," the official said, adding that doctors were deputed in all the three cattle markets.


"As per a report from my staff, five animals were denied entry to the Sangjani cattle market, two to I-15 and one to the Sultana Foundation cattle market," he said and added that before entry, all animals were sprayed to protect them from any disease.


"As far as lumpy skin disease is concerned, we are aware of it and our staff is deputed in all markets and there will be no entry of any affected animal."

- Dawn

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