July 4, 2022


Forecast of Russia's 2022 wheat harvest to 87 million tonnes



The Institute of Agricultural Market Conditions increased the base forecast of wheat harvest in the Russian Federation this year by two million tonnes, to 87 million tonnes due to the fact that the sown areas under spring wheat will be larger than expected.


The previously adverse weather in Urals and Siberia has since stabilised and the central and the Volga region are experiencing favorable weather conditions. These factors have contributed to the increase in the harvest estimate and will offset the reduction of crops in the south.


The institute reduced the wheat harvest estimate in the two southern federal districts mainly due to the dry winds that have been blowing there for two weeks which is not good for crops. The forecast for the grain harvest as a whole in Russia rose by two million tonnes, to 133.5 million tonnes.


The estimated export potential of Russian wheat for the new crop year (July 2022-June 2023) was increased to 41 million tonnes against 39 million tonnes. The export potential for grain as a whole is projected at 52 million tonnes.


- Interfax

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