July 4, 2022


Fish prices up 25% globally, FAO calls for lower cost aquaculture


The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said fish prices rose 25% between December 2021 and April 2022, and has called for the development of aquaculture at a lower cost with "less intense" production so it is affordable for all, Fish Information & Services reported.


Manuel Barange, FAO Director of Fisheries and Aquaculture, said it is crucial to produce in a way that is not only sustainable and equitable, but also reasonably priced.


The FAO representative disregarded the possibility that the price increase would encourage further overfishing or illegal fishing.


Barange said that as aquaculture has expanded, fisheries and aquaculture production have reached all-time highs. This means that it is now more important than ever to guarantee food security and end world hunger.


The FAO said total overfished stocks globally has tripled in half a century.


Marco Lambertini, WWF director general, said that is a trend that needs to be halted because ultimately it will only make things worse, as the world only has ten years to change the climate, according to science.


-      Fish Information & Services

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