July 4, 2018

Adisseo: Bringing better poultry gut health to Asia



Adisseo has launched Alterion®, a complete probiotic solution for poultry specifically designed to help deliver consistency.


Made from a unique spore forming the Bacillus subtilis strain, Alterion® has an innovative formulation which ensures a hassle-free usage, as well as an optimal activation in the small intestine. By acting positively on the gut microbiota, Alterion® has a beneficial dual action on both performance and microbial balance.


Probiotics continue to gain importance and is one of the most suitable alternative to antibiotics. "More than ever, consumers are learning about the importance of proper gut health and are looking for a convenient, reliable and sustainable solution," said Dr. Sumit Saxena, regional business unit manager (Gut Health) of Adisseo Asia Pacific.


In another development, a customer seminar was held in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 28, followed by an exclusive launch event in Jakarta, Indonesia, July 2.


Topics were centered on poultry gut health and feed production efficiency in livestock management. Over 80 attendees, including professionals in the agricultural business and nutritionists, were presented the benefits of Alterion®, including its consistency, efficiency and certified quality.