July 3, 2009


Pas Reform clinches new deal; Smart hatchery reports good results

Press Release


Bangladesh's Provita Group has commissioned Pas Reform to refit existing hatchery operations with Smart hatchery equipment as part of an expansion programme, while Russia's OAO Pavalovskaya has reported good results after installing Smart equipment.


Pas Reform will help Provita Group install SmartSet Setters, SmartHatch Hatchers, hatchery automation and climate control systems. That will increase production to 250,000 day-old chicks per week by the end of this year, with plans to further increase weekly targets to 500,000 day-old chicks by the end of 2010.


Pas Reform Academy will provide a full onsite training programme, as well as ongoing monitoring and advice to tailor Provita's incubation programmes for peak performance.


Provita Group is involved with trading, garments and shipping businesses, and entered the poultry market six years old.


Meanwhile, Russian broiler hatchery OAO Pavlovskaya has reported increased hatchability since installing modular, Smart single-stage incubation at its new hatchery in Nizhegorodskaya.


Pas Reform was also commissioned to produce engineering plans for the new site, planned in two phases to bring Pavlovskaya hatchery's annual capacity up to 16 million hatching eggs per annum.


With its core business in broiler meat production, Pavlovskaya Hatchery complements sister operations OOO Poultry Plant Diveevskoe and Feedmill Pavlovskaya. Together, the companies produce a range of more than 80 different poultry products, under the management of Russkoe Pole, one of the most progressive companies in the Russian poultry sector.

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