July 3, 2007


Ukraine 2007 grain harvest seen lower on-year


Ukraine's grain harvest this year is unlikely to exceed 25-27 million tonnes compared with 34.3 million tonnes in 2006, because of the damage done to crops by drought, the national weather center, Ukrgidrometcentr, said in a statement Tuesday (Jul 3).


The drought irreparably damaged grain on about 1.1 million hectares in the country's south-eastern regions.


The weather centre said it expected the wheat harvest this year to fall to about 12 million tonnes from 14 million tonnes in 2006.


Ukraine's barley harvest will fall to about 6 million tonnes from 11.316 million tonnes, and the corn harvest will increase to 6.5 million tonnes from 6.32 million tonnes a year earlier, provided the weather does not deteriorate during the harvest.


To avoid domestic grain shortages, the government has imposed a virtual ban on the export of grain until the state reserve acquires sufficient amounts of grain from farmers, planned at about 3.5 million tonnes.


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