July 2, 2020


Bunge shares consistent progress towards strengthening oilseeds leadership



Bunge Limited held its virtual business update in late-June to share its near and long-term value drivers and underlying strategy.


Bunge CEO Greg Heckman, CFO John Neppl, and president of global risk management Brian Zachman highlighted the company's progress on priorities executed in the past year and provided strategic and financial perspectives, including an overview of Bunge's streamlined operating model, compelling market opportunities, improved financial discipline, optimised portfolio and additional financial metrics.


Highlights concerning Bunge's business developments included:


- A new, world-class management team that is experienced, focused and energised;


- A leading global franchise with oilseeds at the core;


- Bunge's focus will also be on leveraging its global footprint in connected businesses and growing its value-added oils and oilseeds based ingredients platform;


- A strong, consistent cash flows and disciplined capital allocation strategy;


- A foundation to earn at least US$5 earnings per share at long-term average crush margins;


- and multiple opportunities to further expand Bunge's earnings power.


Heckman said: "We're very excited about the progress we are making to realise our full potential. Our team's accomplishments over the past year have established the foundation to deliver baseline earnings of five dollars per share at normalised crush margins, with multiple opportunities to further grow our earnings power beyond that level by expanding into connected businesses."


He added: "We've put in place a world-class leadership team with deep industry experience, coupled with the best global oilseeds platform in the industry and a leading market position with highly compelling macro trends. Together with our focused strategy, a rigorous capital allocation approach, and enhanced risk management capabilities, we believe we're positioned to generate consistent and strong cash flows and deliver significant value to our shareholders."


- Bunge

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