July 2, 2014


India's government wheat procurement up 12% to 28 million tonnes



The Indian government's wheat procurement took in about 28 million tonnes of the grain, rising by 12% compared to 25 million tonnes last year.


According to data from the food ministry, since the wheat procurement began on April 1, Punjab and Madhya Pradesh have bought 11.6 million tonnes and 7 million tonnes of wheat, making them the top contributors in the current season.


Other states including Haryana (6.4 million tonnes), Rajasthan (2.5 million tonnes) and Uttar Pradesh (5.9 lakh tonnes) are also key contributors.


Private buyers purchased more than 7 million tonnes of wheat this year, a significant increase compared to about 3 million tonnes last year.


With higher wheat procurement, India's grain stocks totalled over 42 million tonnes at the start of June, a far excess of the strategic reserve and buffer stocks norms.

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