July 2, 2012


EU 2012-13 wheat production forecast down by 1.25 million tonnes



EU's 2012-13 soft wheat production estimate has been downwardly revised by Coceral on Friday (June 29) by 1.25 million tonnes to 125.51 million tonnes.


However, despite reducing its view of the upcoming season's harvest from 126.76 million tonnes, the lobby group upwardly revised its expectations for many of the bloc's biggest growers.


It now projects France's production at 35.15 million tonnes, compared with its March estimate of 34.08 million tonnes, and also increased Germany's forecast output to 22.72 million tonnes from 22.37 million tonnes.


Meanwhile, the UK is now slated to produce 15.73 million tonnes, up from 15.58 million tonnes.


Coceral said the 27 countries that make up the EU are anticipated to produce 281.80 million tonnes of total grain, up from 280.82 million tonnes, with its estimate of the bloc's corn production rising to 65.73 million tonnes, from 62.09 million tonnes.

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