July 1, 2022


Indonesian agriculture ministry proposes US$308 million for fighting FMD outbreaks


Indonesia's Agriculture Ministry has proposed a budget of Rp4.6 trillion (US$308 million), sourced from the National Economic Recovery funding, for handling foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreaks in livestock.


Secretary General of the Agriculture Ministry Kasdi Subagyono detailed the budget allocation, with funds set  for vaccine procurement and its supporting facilities, vaccine operational needs, livestock data collection, livestock replacement and handling and preventing the spread of FMD.


Subagyono delivered the statement during a recent meeting with Commission IV of the House of Representatives at the Parliament Building.


"Procurement of vaccines and their supporting facilities is (worth) Rp2.6 trillion (US$174.2 million), total of two vaccines plus one booster vaccine (for each livestock). The total number of doses is 43.6 million, which we will administer in order to vaccinate the livestock," Subagyono added.


This figure included as many as 3.3 million vitamins and medicines, 312kg of disinfectant, vaccination and medicine support logistics, cold chain, vaccine and drug distribution, pre-vaccination rapid testing, vaccine production equipment and machines, and taking and testing FMD.


- antaranews.com

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