July 1, 2015


Huaying officially exports poultry products into the EU



Huaying Group held a ceremony in Shandong last week to send off the first batch of poultry products packed for the European markets, signifying Huaying's successful entry into the EU.


Produced by Heze Huaying, a subsidiary of Huaying Group, the company is exporting 21 tonnes of boneless cooked duck products to Germany for the first time after obtaining the necessary permits to export to the EU last December.


To ensure that its products fulfill all requirements and production standards set by the EU, Heze Huaying has been closely monitoring the entire production process from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, to ensure their quality and safety.


It is believed that the success of Huaying Group making its marks in the European markets will significantly improve the core competitiveness and influence of China's agricultural products in the international markets.