July 1, 2013


Ukraine expects record soy harvest this year



In an area of 1,317 hectares, Ukrainian farmers have sown 91% of the planned soy and expect the cultivation area to be 1,443 hectares.


For the same period in 2012 only about 1,245 hectares of soy were sown. The data gives grounds for optimism, and according to experts, this year should be a record soy harvest. In 2013, not only was a record soy acreage (1.55 million hectares) sown, but also observed was the recovery of crop capacity up to 1.9 tonnes/hectare. Therefore, the experts expect the soy crop will be about 2.9-3 million tonnes, which is about 500,000 tonnes more than last year.


The total growth of the soy crop in Ukraine is 21% and this leads us to expect that the processing of this crop in the country will increase by 17% (720 tonnes), which is a record for recent times. Soy exports are also expected to increase by 22%, 1.95 million tonnes. In comparison last year's figures were: processing of soy in the country – 615,000 tonnes, exports – 1.6 tonnes.


President of UAC (Ukrainian Agribusiness Club) Alex Lissitsa argues that the productivity growth of this crop in Ukraine contributed to an increase in planted area. The development of this crop can increase the country's competitiveness in the world food market.


Also, UAC experts note that the increase of soy crop capacity was achieved through the use of new agricultural technologies in cultivating this crop.