July 1, 2010


Half of Ukraine's winter crop planting in good condition


As of June 24, nearly 3.7 million hectares of winter grain sowing areas in Ukraine showed good condition, which totalled 47% of general sowing areas.


Nearly 3.27 million ha of winter crops sowing areas or 41.5% showed satisfactory condition indices, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.


At the same time, winter grain sowings in Ukraine were damaged and perished throughout 676,000 ha, or 7.9% of the planted areas. Besides, 909,000 ha (11.5%) of the general winter sowing areas showed weak and thinned condition.


As of the reporting date, winter wheat sowing areas showed good condition throughout 47.9% (nearly 2.93 million ha) from the general areas, satisfactory condition - 40.1% (2.45 million ha). Winter wheat sowings provided weak and thinned condition indices throughout the areas of 730,000 ha, or 11.9% from the general winter wheat sowing areas.


According to the ministry, as of June 24, Ukrainian agrarians kept winter rapeseed sowings in good condition throughout 39.2% (344,000 ha) of the general winter rapeseed sowings, satisfactory condition – 45.4% (398,000 ha), weak and thinned condition – 15.4% (135,000 ha). Winter rapeseed sowings perished throughout the areas of 539,000 ha or 38.1% of the general sowing areas.

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