July 1, 2005


Russia's 2010 poultry production to hit 2 million tonnes


By 2010, Russia's poultry production is set to hit 2,500 million tonnes or 16 kilograms per capita, up from the current 10 kilograms per capita.


The share of domestic poultry production will also increase to 80 percent or more in five years, said the head of the cattle breeding department at the Russian Agriculture Ministry, Vasily Shapochkin.


Poultry production has increased by more than 14 percent in the past five months, as compared with the same period last year. On the whole, the favourable situation in the grains market will help increase poultry production by at least 200,000 tonnes this year, according to Shapochkin.


Noting that poultry keeping has the best returns on investment, he said that it would be modernized through technological upgrades.


At present, large poultry firms supply the bulk of meat to the domestic market. According to Shapochkin, poultry production in the central federal district had grown 1.7 times to 333,000 tonnes in the past four years.

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