June 30, 2015


AgroBalt facility to boost Russia's output of feed for young animals 



80% of Russia's feed for young animals are imports from outside the Federation as local productions of such feed lower over time.


However, Alexander Lotov, the executive director of AgroBalt subsidiary, TK Agros, believes that this trend in the Russian animal feed market will change after AgroBalt established a new feed plant in the country.  


"I think we can compete with imported products, because we can offer the same quality, but at a lower price," Lotov said, expressing optimism over the facility which is located near St Petersburg and possesses a monthly capacity of 1,500 tonnes of feed for young animals.


Investment for the facility amounted to US$6.5 million injected by AgroBalt Trade.


In the first half of last year, 579,000 tonnes of feed for young animals was produced in the Northwestern Federal District. The volume was 6.7% lesser than same period in 2013, according to the Russian Federal State Statistics Service.

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