June 30, 2006


Lallemand Animal Nutrition launches new website

Press release


Lallemand Animal Nutrition - North America, a leading producer of forage inoculants, has launched a new website, QualitySilage.com, devoted to silage management information, research data and news.


"Our goal is to help beef and dairy producers maximise the value of their forages by learning, and then practicing, quality silage management," says Dr Bob Charley, Forage Products Manager at Lallemand Animal Nutrition - North America. "The new site is focused on sharing silage production and storage management information plus the latest in research developments, rather than simply promoting specific products," he added.


Over the time of Lallemand Animal Nutrition's involvement in the forage inoculant markets, they have compiled a wealth of silage management information, data and research studies.


Four years ago, the company started publishing a silage management handbook, which has been very well received in the North American market. A companion piece, Key Silage Management Topics, has been published this year. The new site will allow producers to access both these publications and Lallemand's collection of information pieces.


"We're committed to helping producers improve everyday forage and silage management techniques," Charley said. "The site is a great compilation of reliable academic research and practical management tips, which will assist producers in generating the best possible forage quality," he added.


Major topics on the site include: harvesting, inoculants, silage management and trouble-shooting. In addition, visitors to the site will have the opportunity to receive a free silage management handbook by registering.


For more information, visit: www.QualitySilage.com

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