June 29, 2022


DBN Group jointly tackle agricultural problems with top scientist and award winners



Beijing Dabeinong Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., an agricultural high-tech enterprise, recently hosted the Zhongguancun Global Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Forum through the Global Agricultural Technology Innovation Platform (GAIN)  to explore the latest research finding from the studies of the top-notch scientists.


During the forum, DBN Group named the recipients of the 12th DBN Science and Technology Award that 31 awards were conferred to agricultural scientists and researchers who have greatly contributed to the advancement of China's agricultural sciences by making pioneering discoveries and developing innovative technologies to address the issues in a wide range of fields spanning seed science, livestock vaccines and cotton cultivation and management.


Over one million people have watched livestreams of the forum.


"Over the past 23 years, DBN Group has honored and recognised numerous landmark scientific and technological discoveries in China's key agricultural fields," said Dr. Shao Genhuo, chairman of DBN Group. "We explore new approaches to further encourage and incentivise scientific personnel at the forefront of innovation who uses their ingenuity and creativity to further push the boundary of modern science. Their dedication and contribution strengthen China's food security, enhance food safety, protect ecological safety, injecting forces that drive agricultural modernisation and sustainable development for China and beyond.


"Building on our previous milestones, we hope to continue boosting cooperation with global partners in order to better serve the agricultural communities and the industry as a whole, jointly tackling pressing agricultural problems and improving people's well-being."


Yang Yuanzhu, chief expert of Yuan Longping High-tech Agriculture Co., Ltd and president of Seed Industry Research Institute; Zheng Haixue, professor and director of Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; and Li Zhaohu, professor and president of Huazhong Agricultural University, were invited to present and introduce their original scientific research to the audience at the event. The three extraordinary scientific discoveries, which are granted the top award, include:


    - Breeding and Application of Middle-season Indica TGMS Line LK638S and J4155S with High-quality and High Combining Ability;


    - Porcine Recombinant Serotvoe O and A Bivalent Inactivated Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Vaccine Development and Use Thereof;


    - Innovation and Application of Systematic Regulation and Light Cultivation Technology of Cotton in China.


Three Nobel Laureates, including Oene Oenema, winner of the Nobel Prize in Peace and professor of Wageningen University & Research; Hartmut Michel, winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry and academician of the German National Academy of Sciences; and Muhammad Yunus, winner of Nobel Prize in Peace and Bangladeshi economist, were also highlighted at the ceremony where they shared their path-breaking research and analysis on the potential unlocked by the bio-based economy and its benefits to sustainable agriculture and shed light on the opportunities for accelerating the development of the rural communities in China.


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