June 29, 2021


Italy to introduce new legislation on pork products labelling



Italy will be introducing a new legislation on the country's labelling of pork products.


The legislation is connected to levels of animal welfare and sow breeding conditions.


One bill has been approved into law with implementation to begin in July 2021. The new regulations stem from pressure in Italy to make information about pork products and other meat products clearer. Some in Italy feel that current product labels can be misleading for consumers with regard to breeding methods (such as the use of farrowing crates) and other aspects of animal welfare.


In July 2020, the Italian parliament approved Law #77. Maurizio Gallo, director of the Italian pig industry organisation Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Suini (ANAS), explained that with this law, the Sistema Qualità Nazionale Benessere Animale (SQNBA) comes into effect. The SQNBA harmonises several voluntary pork product labelling systems relating to the welfare, biosecurity and use of antibiotics in Italian livestock.


"In the next months, a ministerial decree will be issued for ruling on the certification methods," Gallo said.


"It is expected [to be] a scheme for every species and category (for instance in the pigs: farrowing and fattening stage, outdoor and indoor) and the ClassyFarm system of the health ministry will have to be used. Then, all who are interested to label pork in Italy for welfare [that is, making claims in the use of production practices that relate to animal welfare] will have to comply at least to the minimum standard established by SQNBA."


- Pig Progress