June 29, 2020


Consumer Physics develops firsthandheld corn growth monitoring device


Israeli-based Consumer Physics has developed the first handheld micro-spectrometer device to monitor and optimise corn growth with support from major United States corn and seed producers, Geektime reported.


Some of the companies who have backed the development of this device include Corteva Agriscience, Syngenta, Cargill, Beck's, and Precision Planting.


Terry Allen, Consumer Physics' North America head of business development said the company had managed to transfer NIR (near infrared) technology from the lab to the field, which will help corn growers and operators to collect more data and make better decisions.


The Consumer Physics' device is the first to provide in-field moisture test, sending the results to a custom app onto the user's phone or to the cloud. Growers are able to get lab-grade NIR crop analysis in seconds, saving hours of repetitive lab work that involves picking random cobs, shelling, grinding then testing for moisture. 


Allen said the device, dubbed SCiO improves forecasting by 2% to 3%, saving tens of thousands of dollars on a 1,000-acre field on average.


The non-destructive solution only requires five cobs for testing. Results will be analysed on Consumer Physic's algorithms and shown on the user's phone. The accuracy rate is similar to lab testing, with moisture levels offered from 8% to 90%.


-      Geektime