June 28, 2021

EU subgroup recommends voluntary labelling scheme that reflects diversity of EU livestock farming



The recently released conclusions of the animal welfare labelling subgroup of the European Commission's Animal Welfare Platform has recommended the establishment of a voluntary labelling scheme at an EU-level that is based on a multi-tier system, and would be flexible enough to integrate existing initiatives and reflect the diversity of livestock farming in the region.


The proposition made by the commission’s Animal Welfare Platform, presents a pragmatic vision that aims at on-boarding a maximum of livestock farmers and actors within the chain in its approach. The commission also recognises that there are already many initiatives in EU member states that should not be jeopardised by a system that would be inflexible at an EU-level.


According to agriculture union Copa-Cogeca, proper negotiation of the "concrete structuring" of this label can begin if the general principles presented are acceptable.


The creation of a label should also involve farmers consulted at all stages of its development and implementation, Copa-Cogeca added. It said that more efforts should be concentrated on value through the future labelling system.


- Copa-Cogeca (EU)