June 28, 2019


VICTAM and VIV to combine 2020 event



Animal Feed and Grain Industries Show VICTAM Asia originally planned for March 2020 and the VIV Health & Nutrition Asia Trade Fair and Forum originally planned to take place in Bangkok in January 2020, will now be co-located at Bangkok's BITEC exhibition grounds from March 24-26, 2020 as VICTAM Asia and Animal Health & Nutrition.


"Presenting the shows as parallel platforms at the same time within the same venue is a great way to bring together two strong brands for the Asia market, in an integrated format so that the visitor experiences them as a single event," says Sebas van den Ende, general manager of VICTAM International b.v. "It is certainly a much more convenient concept for the industry than the original plan of staging them separately in Bangkok, only months apart."


"The discussions leading up to the partnership agreement have shown clearly that both organisations share a firm belief in the growth prospects offered by the Asian market," says Heiko M. Stutzinger, director VIV worldwide and managing director VNU Exhibitions Asia-Pacific. "Our own activities in Asia have gained significantly in importance over the past few years and we view the partnership for the March 2020 Bangkok event as a major next step in better serving the region."


Stutzinger adds, "Both partners also share the view that we want to do more in serving Asia's feed and animal protein industries by jointly developing business opportunities within the segments of feed ingredients and additives, recognising that they comprise a fast-growing category within the Feed to Food supply chain. VIV has already made significant progress by including animal health more centrally in our events for animal protein industries. The focus in this case has been on medication and pharmaceutical ingredients with their related products and services. Many of these are applied to animals through the feed, of course. VIV's own perspective sees animal health alongside nutrition as twin pillars supporting the further sustainable growth of the production in Asia of meat, eggs, fish and milk."


Van den Ende predicts that the newly combined event will attract more visitors as well as have a larger footprint by having exhibits and conferences on health and nutrition side by side with the displays and seminars about feed manufacturing technology.


"VICTAM is formally constituted in The Netherlands with the status of a not-for-profit foundation to do good for the animal feed industry. The agreement to put VICTAM Asia 2020 together with VIV Health & Nutrition Asia fits that objective because we believe the industry will be happy about it. Almost 20 years ago there was an occasion in Europe when VICTAM and VIV events had to be combined at the last minute due to an animal disease crisis. The market at the time reacted well to that combination with no negative comments. I think we will see a similarly positive industry response to amalgamating our Bangkok shows in 2020.


It must surely help that we are doing this in Asia. Looking around the Asian region there are many more examples of integrations operating both feed mills and farms than in other parts of the world. VICTAM Asia and Animal Health & Nutrition, by VICTAM and VIV, has an expanded profile in feed manufacturing and farm production that will suit the interests of integrated companies."


Stutzinger points to the extra benefit of continuity from having the Asian focus on nutrition and health in 2020, right in the interval between the recent VIV Asia show in March 2019 and the next one in March 2021. The timing directly helps professionals active in the Asian animal nutrition and health sectors who want to be sure they stay up to date, whether it is on product innovations and regulations, the effective use of ingredients and medication or the continuing global dialogue over the extent to which pharmaceuticals might be replaced by feed-related alternatives.


He shared that a survey conducted in February this year confirmed that professionals working in Asia prefer to meet on an annual basis and their preferred meeting place is Bangkok.

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