June 28, 2019


FIPAA, a new Southeast Asian feed association forms




The Feed Ingredient and Premix Association of Asia (FIPAA), a new Southeast Asian industry association for the feed ingredient and premix sectors, was launched today at an industry event in Bangkok.


The new association will seek to drive cooperation between companies on common issues related to regulation and policies applicable to the animal nutrition sector in the region.


While the Southeast Asia population is growing, the region increasingly faces sustainability challenges in its development such as producing larger quantities of animal protein in environmentally sound and economically viable production systems. The feed specialty ingredients industry has a key role to play in this long-term approach.


"However, the regulatory environment for feed ingredients in Asia is highly diverse and for some countries, there are rapid regulatory changes. Currently, there is no industry representative in this region that acts as the unified voice to promote and represent our general and common interest. As such, we decided to establish FIPAA," says Bhupender Sharma, Product Safety & Regulatory at DuPont Animal Nutrition, on the sidelines of the event.


Indeed, it is considered that market access regulations and policies for feed additives in the region are complex, sometimes unavailable and often unpredictable. Subsequent issues faced by companies wanting to expand their presence in the region, is a good reason to create a regional feed specialty ingredients industry association.


"So far, FIPAA has generated positive interest among the industry players in the region. It shows that there was a need for such association. We are eager to share more information with companies who are interested in becoming the FIPAA's member," adds Claire Relandeau, Enzyme Business Manager Asia-Pacific, Adisseo.


Based in Singapore, FIPAA is a non-profit organisation. As of today, it is comprised of five founding members: Adisseo (represented by Claire Relandeau, Enzyme Business Manager Asia-Pacific), BIOMIN (represented by Marc Guinnement, Managing Director Asia Pacific), DuPont (represented by Bhupender Sharma, Product Safety & Regulatory Asia Pacific), Orffa (represented by Dawoon Jung, International Commercial Manager), and Trouw Nutrition (represented by Justyna Maczynska, Regional Quality & Regulatory Manager Asia-Pacific).


Asked why an association like FIPAA wasn't created before, Orffa's Dawoon Jung responded: "Today's world has faster innovation pace than in the past and in some Asia markets, the regulatory environment is changing more rapidly than before. In the past there might have been intentions to create the association, however it may be that the link between the industry players in different countries was not established then."


"FIPAA members believe that it is time for us to cooperate as an industry, because collectively we can pool our experiences and expertise together. We can have stronger voice and thus achieve more. FIPAA can also act as platform for the industry to learn from other feed associations such as FEFANA," adds Justyna Maczynska of Trouw Nutrition.


FIPAA believes that the main challenges in the region are for some countries the regulatory changes which can be rather abrupt, and combined with a lack of clear communication, the industry may be left with insufficient time to react. In some other countries, the regulations may not have evolved much and are not up-to-date with biotechnological developments which results in lengthy registration timelines.


"FIPAA seeks to address the regulatory challenges by creating a communication platform with regional regulatory authorities, by providing input, insight and sharing best practices with authorities," said BIOMIN's Marc Guinnement. "All the work carried out by FEFANA is truly remarkable and inspiring and we can definitely learn from this very reputable and internationally recognised organisation. However, we shall not forget that FEFANA built its experience with time as it was established more than 50 years ago. As such, while FIPAA is highly ambitious, we also recognise that not all changes will come overnight."


According to Bhupender Sharma, FIPAA has defined four countries in particular that will be the targets of the association's initial focus: Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. These countries would require different approaches to enable FIPAA to be a recognised and trusted stakeholder for the national authorities. FIPAA's longer-term goal would be to extend to other Southeast Asian nations after more experience and recognition is gained.


"We may also explore the possibilities to engage local industry associations in the focus countries. We welcome new members; any manufacturer, importer or exporter of feed additives or premixes with commercial operations in Asia," Claire Relandeau says.


Companies who are interested in becoming FIPAA members are welcome to contact FIPAA at: Contact@fipaa.org