June 27, 2013


Pig prices increase throughout Europe on high demand



Buoyed by high demand reported from almost everywhere with the quantities on offer being limited and slaughter weights going down, pig prices are going up throughout Europe this week.


After an increase of €0.03 per kilogramme slaughter weight, the Spanish quotation remains top of the list by a clear margin, among the five major pig-keeping EU nations. The scarce quantities on offer in Spain are not enough to cover completely the increased demand resulting from the holiday-makers' arrival.


The quotations went up by a converted US$0.04/kilogramme in Germany, the Netherlands and in Belgium. After the prices had remained largely steady in these countries last week, some accumulated demand was observed there.


The quantities of market pigs in France are equally scarce. There, the prices went up by US$0.02. Danish prices, too, benefited from the increased meat prices all over Europe, going up by almost US$0.03.


The discounted prices which had been announced turned out to be a mere scenario of intimidation. From what is heard, the price increase is being paid continuously by the slaughter companies. The German meat dealers are in a position to make their benefit from the friendly atmosphere prevailing in Europe. According to what various market participants, pig halves are sold well to Austria and Poland. Ham sales to Italy have clearly improved. Furthermore, exports of live pigs towards Eastern Europe picked up speed again. The prices are expected to remain steady.