June 25, 2020

India's Goa Dairy farmers reject China's milk testing machines



The Goa Dairy farmers of India stated on Tuesday that the Chinese made milk testing machines supplied by the State government do not have the capacity to handle the testing of milk samples, Herald Goa reported.


The farmers said, "When conflict with China is escalated, the Goa Dairy should scrap the plan of procuring the Chinese milk testing machines."


While addressing the media persons, Goa Dairy farmer Sanjeev Cuncolienkar along with Bhartiya Kisan Sang Goa Pradesh Secretary Shrirang Zamble made the demand.


Cuncolienkar said, "During the farmers' discussion with Goa Dairy they were informed that the Dairy is initiating procurement of two milk testing machines of China make for better service to the milk suppliers. The reason for this decision was given that the government sponsored machines that were to be installed were not capable of handling milk samples received by Goa Dairy."


He questioned without installing these machines how Goa Dairy could say that they are not capable of testing milk samples.


He said, "Any deal signed or going to be signed should be scrapped immediately and that the government appointed Administrative Committee of Goa Dairy should clear doubts on the issue."

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