June 26, 2013


Ukraine's grain production reaches nearly 2.2 million tonnes


Ukraine harvested 2.19 million tonnes of grains throughout the areas of 943,000 hectares, as of June 25, 2013.


According to the announcement of the press-service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the average yield of early grain crops and leguminous plants totalled 2.32 tonnes/hectare (ha), against 1.62 tonnes/ha on the same date in the previous year.


In particular, agrarians harvested winter barley throughout 581,000 hectares, and produced 1.44 million tonnes of the grain with the average yield of 2.48 tonnes/ha. The production volumes of winter wheat totalled 687,000 tonnes, throughout the areas of 317,000 hectares with the yield of 2.17 tonnes/ha.


Also, agrarians harvested spring barley throughout 21,000 hectares, and produced 26,000 tonnes of the grain with the average yield of 1.23 tonnes/ha. Moreover, Ukraine harvested 29,000 tonnes of peas throughout 23,000 hectares (yield – 1.29 tonnes/ha), and 90,000 tonnes of winter rapeseed throughout 62,000 hectares (1.45 tonnes/ha).