June 26, 2006


Canadian pork industry eyes South Korean and Japanese markets 


The Canadian Pork Council (CPC) has urged its government to pursue bilateral free trade arrangements with South Korea and Japan more aggressively so that it does not lose out to other international  competitors.


Noting that that the US and other countries are negotiating similar deals with South Korea, Canada must at least be on the same footing, said CPC President Clare Schlegel, adding that the coalition is giving full support to the government's efforts in that regard.


Early discussions are also underway in Japan, Schlegel said. Japan is Canada's second most important export market to the United States.


He said it is important that countries such as Chile, Mexico, the US and EU do not beat Canada to gaining preferential access to the Japanese market.


Schlegel said although multilateral negotiations at the WTO is important, the slow progress has caused several countries to break off and form their own efforts at bilateral arrangements, citing NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) as an example.

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