June 25, 2019

Aviagen: Ross Africa, Pas Reform team up for hatchery management school

57 Ross® 308 customers from throughout Sub-Saharan Africa came together in Lusaka, Zambia, for the Ross Africa, and Pas Reform Hatchery Management School in late May, Aviagen said in a recent press release.


Ross Africa is the distributor of Aivagen's Ross® Parent Stock for Sub-Saharan Africa. The school's purpose was to explore the most effective techniques for getting the best incubation and hatchery results.


Organised jointly by Ross Africa and hatchery solution provider Pas Reform with support and expertise from Aviagen®, the training successfully blended classroom presentations with practical, hands-on learning at the new Ross Africa Chainda Hatchery in Lusaka. Classroom theory underscored how to achieve quality from the breeder farm to the hatchery, and to best meet the needs of the developing embryo during incubation.


Practice at the hatchery allowed students to identify common challenges and work together to find solutions for optimal hatchery performance. Some topics included egg quality, embryology and fertility; measuring egg shell temperature; setter and hatcher; ideal moment of pulling and climate graphs; chick quality and Pasgar scoring; and hatch residue analysis.


One course highlight was a case study where students were presented with a hatchery issue and were able to collaborate in a group setting to present an analysis and solution.


All sessions were led by top Ross, Pas Reform and industry experts in hatchery and incubation management.


"Customers are getting excellent performance from the Ross 308 breeder across the Turkey, Middle East and Africa region, and their dedication is boosting the popularity of Ross birds. The training in Zambia was intended to further promote their success by sharing the latest advice on hatchery topics to achieve the highest chick quality and performance," said Robert Haggarty, Ross' TMEA senior technical manager.


"Another goal was to give our customers an opportunity to learn from one another while exchanging knowledge and experiences. We also had the chance to  listen to their feedback on how we can offer them the highest level of service. I look forward to future opportunities to meeting with our valued customers, as together we explore innovative techniques for improving the health, welfare and performance of Ross 308 chicks."


- Aviagen

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