June 25, 2012


Germany's 2012 wheat crop forecast up to 22.71 million tonnes



Germany's 2012 wheat crop forecast has been raised Friday (June 22) by Toepfer International to 22.71 million tonnes from 21.49 million tonnes it estimated in May.


This would make the 2012 crop slightly above the 22.70 million tonnes harvested in 2011.


Wheat in most of Germany has profited from repeated rain in the past few weeks, Toepfer said in a report.


Toepfer also raised its forecast of Germany's 2012 rapeseeed crop to 4.86 million tonnes from 4.60 million tonnes it estimated in May and up from 3.89 million tonnes harvested in 2011, when Germany had suffered a major rapeseed crop failure.


Much of Germany has received rain in the past three weeks, ending a very dry springtime which had caused concern wheat would suffer dryness damage.


"The crop development has profited from rain in the past few weeks in most regions of Germany except for (the eastern states of) Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg," Toepfer said. "Significant falls in yields are to be expected in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg."


Frost damage from the very cold winter this year had been partly compensated by recent better growing conditions in most of the country apart from the east, it said.


"For wheat we now expect average yields," it said. "Rapeseed has also benefitted from rain."


The wheat forecast compares to 21.3 million tonnes estimated by the German Farm Cooperatives Association on June 13.


Toepfer estimates Germany's 2012 crop of barley of all types will rise to 9.72 million tonnes from 8.73 million tonnes in 2011, with a strong increase in spring barley plantings taking place to replace frost-damaged crops.


The corn crop will fall to 5.18 million tonnes from 5.22 million tonnes.


Germany's grains crop of all types will rise to 43.83 million tonnes from 41.90 million tonnes in 2011, it said.