June 24, 2020


Bayer Crop Science targets 100,000 farmers in the Philippines' by 2021 with high yield hybrid seeds


Rice and corn seed producer Bayer Crop Science (BCS), under German-based Bayer AG aims to convince more Filipino farmers to switch to its profitable hybrid seeds, the Manila Bulletin reported.


The BCS-developed hybrid seeds are disease-resistant and has a 50% - 130% increase in yield, generating PHP 200,000 (~US$3,996; PHP 1 = US$0.020) per hectare.


The 100,000 farmers target was devised together with the Philippines' Department of Agriculture (DA).


Currently there are 60,000 farmers using BCS hybrid seeds.


The hybrid seed business is part of BCS's target to hit the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.


BCS said the average landholdings for farming in the Philippines is less than 2 hectares, which cannot support the national average of five people in a family. The company estimates family-run farm businesses will be a major contributor to economic growth.


97% of the 550 million smallholder farmers worldwide work on 10 hectares or less farmers, producing more than 80% of food in developing countries. 


BCS FAW resistant corn variety Dekalb 8919S yielded 14.85 metric tonnes (MT) in a hectare, a record high compared to the three to five MT average. The Dekalb 8899S, another corn variety from Bayer yielded 13.38 MT per hectare in a competition held in Davao City.


-      Manilla Bulletin

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