June 24, 2020


Chicken prices in Malaysia on the rise


A Malaysian farmer told Free Malaysia Today that surging chicken prices in the countrywas due to supply issues, COVID-19 related movement restrictions, bad weather and high imported feed prices, Free Malaysia Today reported.


The farmer was frustrated that the Malaysian government is set to introduce a ceiling price for chicken, similar to what the government imposes during festive season to control prices. The farmer did not want to be named.


Alexander Nanta Linggi, Malaysia's Domestic Trade Minister said prices of chicken in the country has reached MYR 10 (~US$2.34; MYR 1 = US$0.23) to RM11 per kg (~US$2.57). It was RM7.50 (~US$1.76) per kg during the festive season.


The farmer said a weakening Malaysia ringgit has made it more expensive to purchase chicken feed, which is sourced overseas. The quality of the imported feed can be inferior, which is a risk that Malaysian poultry farmers take. Each bird needs up to 1.9 kg of feed.


He also said chicken supplies have reduced due to COVID-19 movement restrictions, with less chickens slaughtered. As a result of this backlog, there is less room for new chicks.


The farmer said the current rainy weather in Malaysia makes chicks susceptible to illness, so they grow at a slower rate.


Price controls do affect poultry farmers as high costs mean they lose money.


However, the farmer said Malaysian chicken prices are much lower compared to surrounding Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.


-      Free Malaysia Today.