June 24, 2010


Bangladesh poultry farms hurting from illegal chick price hike


Hatchery owners in Barisal, Bangladesh are illegally raising the price of chicks, which in turn have hurt poultry farm owners who are forced to purchase these chicks at a high price.


Poultry farm owners of Barisal are making capital losses because of alleged price hikes in chicks, said S. M Doha, president of Barisal Poultry Owners Association.


He alleged that a number of hatchery owners are continually increasing the price of one-day old chick illogically in several phases.


Recently, the price of a chick is being charged at BDT50-78 (US$0.72-1.12) per piece though it was BDT35-45 (US$0.5-0.65) a week ago and BDT25-30 (US$0.36-0.43) on January-February 2010.


Poultry farm owners alleged that Usha and CP Bangladesh Hatchery was selling chicks at the rate of BDT60-78 (US$0.86-1.12) per piece, while Aftab Hatchery was selling chicks at the rate of BDT52-62 (US$0.75-0.89) per piece.


But for the sake of continuing their trade, the poultry farm owners are being bound to purchasing those chicks at a higher price and consequently facing counting loss.


And in order to continue their businesses, farm owners are taking loans from various banks and non-governmental organisations (NGO) with an uncertainty as to whether they would be able to continue purchasing chicks at such an exorbitant price, said Aminul Islam Jhanda, secretary Barisal poultry firm owners association.


The increase in price of chicks are causing poultry farm owners great losses while hatchery owners are earning the huge profits, said Jebunnesa, a general poultry farm owner of Kashipur Gonpara area under Barisal City Corporation.


Paltu Negahban, another poultry firm owner of Barisal Sadar Upazila said, the poultry industries in Barisal are on the verge of closure due to an excessive increase in price of chicks of layer and broiler.


"The price of a one-day old chick must not be more than BDT15-16 (US$0.22-0.23) but it is now being sold by the hatchery owners at BDT60-70 (US$0.86-1)," he said, adding that no action is being taken against those syndicated hatchery owners though they are increasing the price of chicks at their will.


According to S. M Doha and Aminul Islam Jhanda, president and secretary of Barisal Poultry Owners Association, there are more than 4,000 large and small poultry farms in Barisal.


Already a half of these farms have been closed due to the surge in price of chicks and poultry feed. As a result, more than ten thousand people associated with this trade have become unemployed.


General poultry farm owners also said that the price of poultry feeds produced by Biswas feed, Aftab Feed, Usha Feed, Kazi feed, Advanced Feed have been increased by BDT30-40 (US$0.43-0.57) per sack than the previous month.


They said, if the government does not come forward to control the price of chicks and poultry feed, this promising poultry industry will soon die.


Samaresh Majumdar, Animal Resource Officer of Barisal said the government was trying its best to expand the poultry industry in the country. He admitted that due to the dishonest motive of syndicates of the hatcheries owners and poultry feed producers, the price of one-day old chicks has been increased abnormally.


Majumdar added that he has already appraised the matter to the concerned ministry and hoped that the ministry will take the necessary action.

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