Livestock & Feed Bussiness Worldwide: June 2022

Pig Health = Quality Pork = Rearing Profitably
The global pork trade could drop by 4% to 11.7 million tonnes this year - a trend attributed to declining Chinese and Philippine imports - according to a recent USDA outlook.
Nevertheless, against the odds, especially with the continual occurrences of African swine fever (ASF) outbreaks worldwide, global pork production could rise by 3% in 2022 as China might see a higher output. But low producer profitability is expected to hinder the growth of pork supply in the second half.
What are the factors affecting pig production, in turn impacting profitability? The Department of Primary Industries of New South Wales, Australia, identifies these as pig flow (the pork market functioning on a "continuity of supply"), sow productivity and litter size ("Factors affecting pork gross margins", December 2019).
Those factors are inextricably linked to the health management of pigs. In this regard, Angel Yeast focuses on liver health. "Failure to pay enough attention to liver health can lead to reduced health levels of pig groups and result in a vicious circle," the Chinese yeast developer says (page 8). It highlights the supplementation of exogenous nucleotides to improve the fecundity of sows, mitigate liver damage and reduce the incidence of diseases.
Pig supply and pork trade could be further benefited by better-growing animals, from which meat of more superior quality can be extracted. Guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) can have a positive impact in these areas; according to Evonik, "Applications of GAA as a nutritional supplement in improving energy metabolism and performance are gaining importance in commercial swine feeding practices" (page 10). As a supply-demand gap of creatine exists in swine muscle tissue, GAA has been shown to "bridge this gap," the company says.
Market trends and forces are notoriously unpredictable, no thanks to dramatic global developments in past and current times like ASF, the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.
What pig and pork producers can be more certain of are things that can be controlled.
Outside of indeterminable circumstances, by implementing measures to improve pig health and productivity and enhancing the quality of pork, industry players can afford some leverage to boost profitability a little more.
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