June 23, 2009


Sino Agro, SanJiang Agriculture in joint venture


Sino Agro Food has signed a joint venture with SanJiang Agriculture Co. Ltd, a China state-owned agriculture company.


SanJiang A Power Agriculture Development Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Sino Agro holds a 45-percent equity interest in the project.


The joint venture will allow SanJiang Agriculture to license the company's Bio-Organic Fertiliser and Stock-Feed technology. 

The technology will convert agricultural waste products, such as crop stems and leaves, into nutritional feedstocks for cattle and sheep through a series of germination processes.


The finished product will have a long shelf-life, high nutritional value and can be stored outside without being affected by rain or snow. The byproduct will be used to manufacture the Bio-Organic fertiliser.


The project is estimated to produce about 2,000 tonnes of feedstock, 2,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser and 4,000 tonnes of combined fertilisers this year.


By 2012, the production is expected to exceed 100,000 tonnes of feedstock, 45,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser, 90,000 tonnes of combined fertiliser and 50,000 tonnes of special dairy cow feed.


The Chinese government is supporting the project with rebates up to 33 percent in investment costs and tax breaks and free value added tax up to five percent of revenue.


Under the joint venture, SanJiang will provide the land and factory buildings while Sino Agro Food will provide the technology, know-how and management of the operation.


Sino Agro Food is an integrated, diversified agricultural technology and organic food company focused on developing, producing and distributing agricultural products in China.


SanJiang Agriculture engages in cattle and sheep farming, sunflower plantations, slaughterhouses, starch manufacturing, potato plantations, pig farming, fisheries and property development.

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