June 23, 2008


Italy poultry industry turnover hits EUR 5.3 billion in 2007

Italy's poultry industry had a turnover of EUR 5.3 billion (US$8.3 billion) in 2007, according to a report by Italian national union of poultry breeders UNA.


Of the total turnover, poultry meat accounted for EUR 3.9 billion (US$6.1 billion) while eggs represented EUR 1.4 billion (US$2.2 billion).


Poultry meat production grew 7.1 percent on-year in 2007, while consumption climbed 5.7 percent on-year.


Domestic egg consumption also rose by 2.3 percent.


UNA chairman Aldo Muraro said the poultry sector's expenses have increased by about 5 percent due to high oil prices.


In addition, domestic poultry meat consumption increased 1.6 percent on-year for January-March 2008, while milk and dairy products consumption grew 3.5 percent.

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