June 22, 2020


US Poultry and Egg Association funds poultry welfare research


The US Poultry and Egg Association, through its USPOULTRY foundation awarded a US$110,000 grant to a project by the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture and Tyson Foods to address poultry welfare in commercial broiler farms.


The research, entitled "Effect of Variable Light Intensity Program on Broiler Gait Score, Stress and Central Positive Welfare in Commercial Broiler Farm" studies the effect of light sources intensity on poultry.


Previous research has found that different light intensities affect poultry welfare. This new research will determine the poultry's lameness, stress and behavior affected by various intensities and sources of light.


Members of the project include Seong Wook Kang, poultry research associate for the Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station (research arm of the Division of Agriculture) and Karen Christensen, Ph.D., senior director of animal welfare for Tyson Foods, and primary investigator for their animal welfare research.


The duo, along with other researchers from the university's Division of Agriculture have worked together prior on how lighting affects chicken brain chemistry, resulting in beneficial stress management and wellbeing for the livestock.


-      US Poultry and Egg Association, University of Arkansas